Monday, January 10, 2011

Top 5 Sports Movies

Sports movies - the celluloid magic that makes us feel like we're part of the team, not the lazy ass couch potatoes we really are.

5) Major League

This movie has everything you could ever want in a baseball movie - Rene Russo, pre-prison Wesley Snipes, pre-spousal abuse Charlie Sheen and pre-fucked up, creepy plastic surgery Tom Berenger.

4) Slap Shot

Even if you hate hockey, I defy you to watch this movie and not laugh your ass off. Paul Newman is brilliant and the Hanson brothers are the greatest siblings to ever grace the silver screen.

 3) Caddyshack

Be the ball.

2) Rocky

The film equivalent to The Little Engine That Could. Even though some of the dialogue is unintelligible and Sylvester Stallone beats up a side of beef and chases a chicken around, it is an inspiring story.

1) Miracle

The 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey teams victory over the Russians was a monumental moment not only in sports, but also in U.S. international relations. Miracle is criminally underrated. Kurt Russel's portrayal of Herb Brooks is fantastic.

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