Monday, November 15, 2010

10 Greatest Comic Book Songs

Music has always taken inspiration from diverse fields such as movies, literature and even life itself. Here's a list pf the best songs that draw from the noblest of art forms - comic books.

10) Warzone - Rob Zombie

While Rob mostly fancies himself a filmmaker these days he still occasionally puts out kick ass music. This song from the Punisher reboot is a shining example.

9) Flash's Theme - Queen

The 1980 Flash Gordon film based on the 1930's comic strip is pretty laughable these days. The acting and effects are horrendous. Still the film has a certain charm and part of it is Queen's soundtrack.

8) Wolverine Blues - Entombed

While Entombed never wanted the song or the album to be associated with the Canucklehead, their record company included a special edition comic with their CD and the titular video features badass Wolverine artwork warranting a spot on the list.

7) Surfing with the Alien - Joe Satriani

Since Joe specializes in instrumental music he can claim a song is about any damn thing he chooses and nobody can argue him. He chose to honor Silver Surfer with not only a song, but also the title of his best selling album to date. Maybe Joe can channel the power cosmic.

6) Holy Wars...The Punishment Due - Megadeth

The opening track to Medadeth's classic Rust in Peace album. While only the Punishment Due section of the song is about The Punisher, it's enough to land this track at number 6.

5) Ghost Rider - Suicide/Rollins Band

Ghost rider tells the story of the Marvel character. Written by influential electro punk band Suicide, the song achieved greater success when Rollins Band covered it for the Crow Soundtrack.

4) Spider-Man - TV theme/The Ramones

The theme for the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon has become synonymous with the webhead. It has been featured in two of the Raimi Spider-Man films and covered memorably by the Ramones.

3) I Am The Law - Anthrax

The Anthrax ode to legendary British comic character Judge Dredd. Had this song been featured in the 1995 film it may not have sucked quite so bad. This song kicks so much ass they had to record it on three different albums.

2) Batman Theme - Danny Elfman

When Tim Burton's Batman hit the screen in 1989 in unleashed a mass of Batmania. I had the great fortune to see the film in the theater. From the first notes of the theme you knew that the movie you were about to see was going to change your life and it did.

1) Superman Theme - John Williams

How could this song not be number 1? It has inspired generations of kids to tie a blanket around their shoulders and try to fly around the living room. This song is so epic that it's use was part of the contingency for Bryan Singer to direct Superman Returns.

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