Sunday, November 14, 2010

Morning Glory Movie Review

The setup - Ambitious and competent, but socially awkward Becky (Rachel McAdams) is chosen as the new executive producer of the failing network morning show Day Break. Becky is met with no respect, no budget, a less than competent cast and crew and aging, cantankerous co-host Colleen Peck (Diane Keaton). In an effort to revitalize the show, Becky exploits a contract loophole of acclaimed veteran newsman Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford), forcing him to join the cast of Day Break. Comical headbutting ensues.

The review - The biggest downfall of Morning Glory is it tries to be too many things at one time. It's part fish out of water story, part romantic comedy and part drama. In trying to cover so much ground in an hour and half, parts of the film feel rushed. The first half of the movie is excellent. A lot of laugh out loud moments, especially in the interactions between Ford and McAdams. You will never look at a morning show the same ever again. The second half, when the story delves more into the rom-com and drama area is where the shortcoming really occurs. The major conflict and resolution of the story are rushed through. I was left with the feeling that there was more to the story that ended up on the cutting room floor. Maybe an extended director's cut DVD will add the missing segments.

Where Morning Glory really shines is the casting. Having four name actors (Jeff Goldblum appears as a television executive) may seem like overkill for this type of picture, but it really helps the movie rise above. McAdams shines as Becky, bringing a certain believability to the character. Diane Keaton seems to relish the role of an aged, difficult anchor. Her character brings a lot of laughs and if anything was underutilized. For me, the real star was Harrison Ford. His gravelly, hardened newsman reminded me of a milder, sedate Spider Jerusalem. Even during the clunky dramatic scenes, Ford's dynamic with McAdams make them palatable.

Overall this is an enjoyable movie. I give it 3 Flaming Midgets.

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