Wednesday, November 10, 2010

5 Comic Book Fights I Want To See

My own personal "What if.." battle royale.  

5) Batman vs Iron Man - The ultimate rich kid brawl. The world's greatest detective matching dollars and gadgets with the industrialist playboy. I think Tony Stark would have the upper hand at first due to superior fire power but in the end I see Bruce as the victor. Given time, he would find the proverbial chink in the armor.

4) The Punisher vs Rorschach - Head to head psychotic vigilantes. Walter and Frank share an adherence to violence as a necessary evil, making for a gory bout. After a long, grotesque battle in which blood and possibly limbs would be lost, I see Frank walking out alive.

3) Spider Jerusalem vs Dwight McCarthy - The anarchist writer against the nihilist photographer. A gritty urbanite fight to the death. Dwight's dark brooding chivalry matched with Spider's unhinged hatred for all humanity. Bullets, blood and a disrupted bowel later, I see Spider standing winner with his filthy assistants.

2) Joker vs Delirium - Crazy is as crazy does. Packing that much insanity into a comic book probably has rules and regulations against it, but damn it I want to see it. While Delirium is not known for fighting prowess, her vast powers as one of the Endless would enable her to turn Mr. J into a potted flower or something along those lines.

 1) Superman vs The Saint of Killers  - The title fight of the century! The Man of Steel in a duel with the Angel of Death. Supes would put up a good fight - shooting eye beams, using super breath, hurling large objects, etc. But in the end the Saint would just get pissed and gun down the red and blue boyscout.


  1. Good list.
    I'd like to see...
    Hellboy vs. Spawn
    Constantine vs. Cal Mcdonald
    Wormwood Gentleman corpse vs Satan

  2. Hellboy vs Spawn would be awesome! I may have to steal that for a part 2 list. :)