Monday, November 8, 2010

Top 10 Sibling Bands

Sibling bands usually evoke a primal fear in me (Jonas Brothers, Hanson, Bee Gees), but these are some shining examples of what happens when your brother stops hitting you with a Tonka truck and starts hitting the drums.

10) Brian & Eric Hoffman - ex-Deicide

Even though they have been virtually unheard from since their departure in 2004, The Hoffman brothers guitar work in Deicide is legendary. Intricate riffs and complex solos hallmarked the bands early efforts. The fact that the self-titled album is the best selling death metal album is a tribute to the impact of their playing.

9) Ann and Nancy Wilson - Heart

From their first album Dreamboat Annie, the Wilson sisters proved they could rock just as hard as the boys. With beautiful harmonies and staggeringly powerful voices that demand to be heard, they cemented Heart's place in rock and roll history.


8) Max and Igor Cavalera - Sepultura, Cavalera Conspiracy

Taking from their Brazilian roots, the Cavalera's infuse tribal beats, primal rage and social and political commentary into their unique blend of death/thrash metal. Their music makes me want to punch somebody in the face and save the rain forest all at the same time.


7) Jerry Only and Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein - The Misfits, Kryst The Conqueror

Even though Jerry is the only mainstay and Doyle was part of a long succession of guitar players, when the Caiafa (Gasp! They have real names!) brothers were together in the Misfits they ruled horror punk in the early 80's. After a very long court battle with Glenn Danzig, the brother won the right to resurrect the band in the mid 90's to continue the tradition of terror and cash in on as much merchandise as possible.

6) Chuck and John Panozzo - Styx

I had to convince myself it was right to include the Panozzo brothers. They founded Styx with Dennis Deyoung. Dennis Deyoung inflicted Mr. Roboto on the world. That is a Hell worthy trespass. The Panozzo's received a reprieve because they added James Young and Tommy Shaw to their lineup and wrote some rocking fucking songs that far outweigh Deyoung's fruity bullshit.

5) Duane and Greg Allman - The Allman Brothers

Even though Duane's tenure with the band was short lived after his fatal motorcycle accident in 1971, he and Greg were able to produce some the greatest blues infused rock the world has ever seen. Their double live album At Fillmore East is considered to be one of the best live albums ever produced.

4) Brian, Carl and Dennis Wilson - The Beach Boys

While not really my cup of tea, you can't argue the huge influence and success of the Beach Boys. Although mostly known today for Brian Wilson's severe reality impairment, their album Pet Sounds helped usher in a new era of recording.

3) Angus and Malcolm Young - AC/DC

They are Scottish by way of Australia (try to wrap your mind around that for a minute). One of them is a 60 year old school boy and the other looks like Gollum's cousin twice removed. They have recorded the same album 20+ times and counting. Despite these facts, they still fucking rock! I defy you to listen to any song on Back in the Black and not crank your stereo as loud as it can go.

2) Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell - Pantera, Damageplan

Taking a cue from their idols in Van Halen, the Abbott brothers formed a band that defined groove metal. Vinnie's thundering drums and Dime's guitar theatrics continue to captivate and inspire.

1) Alex and Eddie Van Halen - Van Halen

These guys are the blueprint of how to start a band with your sibling - One becomes a solid, talented drummer. The other becomes an astounding guitar player that helps redefine the instrument. Add a great bass player, a consummate showman, a shitload of alcohol, mix and serve.


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