Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Top 5 Worst Super Powers

Most of us comic book nerds have dreamed of having super powers at one time or another - invisibility, super strength, flying, etc. But there are some powers nobody wants to draw the short stick on.

5) Super Speed - Admittedly at first glance this seems like a badass power. In reality you would just be the first person to show up to a fight, say "Oh shit" and then run to get somebody with cooler powers.

4) Sonic Scream - You know that obnoxiously loud drunk that's at every bar, club, party or concert that you've ever been to? Imagine that same drunk imbued with a superhuman voice. On top of that, can you really see a super villain be scared of "WOOOO HOOOO!!!!!" at 500 dB?

3) Super Hearing - If the neighborhood kids keep you awake at night now, try magnifying that a few hundred times. Plus, if you existed in the same universe as the drunk with the sonic scream your brain would melt inside your skull.

2) Super Breath - While Ursa blowing away the helicopter in Superman II is strangely erotic, this is a stupid power. If Superman sneezes he's going to fuck up a whole bunch of people's day.

1) Aquatic Communications - I don't care how they try to  revamp Aquaman, he still carries on conversations with seahorses and shrimp.

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