Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Lincoln Lawyer Movie Review

The Setup - Attorney Mick Haller (Matthew McConaughey) is a slick talking West Coast lawyer that practices from the backseat of a Lincoln Town Car. He gets saddled with a high dollar, high profile assault case that is more than what it seems.

The Good
- The film is very entertaining. It offers a lot interesting turns and some good performances. The Lincoln Lawyer offers one of the best performances from Matthew McConaughey I've seen in a long time. And that's saying a lot. McConaughey is like John Wayne - he plays the same part in EVERY SINGLE MOVIE. William H. Macy has a great turn as gay Chicago cop turned investigator and Marissa Tomei adds a certain depth and charisma as Haller's ex-wife, who happens to be a prosecuting attorney.

The Bad
- I have two problems with the movie. The first is the camera work. I don't understand the fascination with all of this moving camera bullshit. There are two scenes in particular where the camera circles endlessly around a character. You shouldn't have to pay $10 to get vertigo.

My other issue with the movie is the accents. The story takes place in California but some of the characters have such thick regional accents it can be distracting. McConaughey's southern drawl colliding with Michael Pare's New York accent just seems to pull you right out of the moment.

The Ugly - I know the whole world has gone retarded for HD but The Lincoln Lawyer is a good argument for abandoning the technology. Matthew McConughey's face has gigantic canyons that would simply be lines in standard definitions. Marissa Tomei, an attractive women, looks like a train wreck in this. Crystal clear picture does wonders in exacerbating one's imperfections.

Overall the Lincoln Lawyer is a good film. In fact, it's the first reviewed film to receive 4 Flaming Midgets.


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