Sunday, April 10, 2011

Soundtrack for a Revolution

So the US government has narrowly averted another shutdown (for now). You know what, fuck it. Just burn that bitch to the ground and let's start over. Until there's a congressman sporting a baseball cap and a Slayer shirt I'm not being represented anyway. Here's some songs to crank while playing with the matches.

5) Mob Goes Wild - Clutch

How fucked up is it when a stoner metal band has the plan?

4) Children of the Grave - White Zombie

We didn't listen to Black Sabbath back in the day when they came out with this. Now we need to crank up the Zombie version and strap on some marching boots.

3) Cop Killer - Body Count

You know along the way there's going to be some cops that want to stomp out any revolutionary spirit....

2) Fuck Authority - Pennywise

The title says it all.

1) Foul Taste of Freedom - Pro-Pain

20 years and four administrations later, every single word Pro-Pain spits out is as true now as it was back then.


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